About Us


Gyle Shopping Centre opened in October 1993, built on a 50-acre site at a cost of £68m.

The total retail space is some 400,000 sq ft and approximately 2000 retail management and staff are employed across 65 stores.


Gyle Shopping Centre is committed to improving our environmental performance and thereby minimising our environmental impact.

Environmental Initiatives

On-site recycling

  • At the centre, we have several recycling streams including cardboard, clothing, wood, metal and fluorescent lighting tubes.
  • Each year we exceed 60% onsite recycling.

Energy Efficiency

  • Our recently installed voltage optimiser has reduced overall consumption of electricity by 12%.
  • We have a wide variety of measures in place such as switch off lights reminders, half hourly meter reading monitoring and have recently installed energy efficient Dyson hand dryers in our toilet facilities. Our toilets also have automatic shut-off taps, variable flush units and water saver cisterns.

Environmental Achievements

  • 2006 Edinburgh City Council ‘ Keep Edinburgh Clean’ Gold Award
  • 2011 Green Achiever Silver Award
  • 2012 Green Achiever Gold Award