Gyle Shopping Centre

Keep Safe Initiative

Keep Safe Initiative

Gyle Shopping Centre is Keep Safe Place.

Keep Safe Initiative

Keep Safe is a partnership initiative developed with Police Scotland and I Am Me community led charity to raise awareness and increase reports of disability hate crime.

Keep Safe works with Gyle to create Keep Safe places for disabled, elderly, and vulnerable people to go if they are lost, scared, need help, or if they are the victim of crime.

Disabled or elderly people may have a Keep Safe card which holds information about their health, how they communicate and contact details of people who can help them.

If a person requires assistance they may enter Gyle. Staff can assist the person, which may be something as simple as offering directions. However, if the person is the victim of harassment/abuse or crime then our staff can use the person's Keep Safe card to contact someone who can help, or contact the police if the incident is serious.

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