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Planning Your Visit

What you need to know

Following government guidance, some of our stores are now reopening. You can find out what is opening soon here.

We have made some temporary changes which you will notice when visiting us. These changes are in place to keep people safe whilst visiting us.

Entrances and exits

We are implementing a one-way system at our entrances and exits to the centre to support social distancing. This may mean that your usual way of entering the Gyle may have changed. Once inside, please pay attention to our floor markers as guidance for social distancing.

At busy times of the day, you may be asked to queue outside the entrances or from the car park to await safe entry to the centre. Please bear with us if this happens.

Hand sanitation stations will be present at all Gyle entrances, and at key locations within the centre.

Car parks

We ask that you are considerate when parking and leave a space between cars where possible.

Housekeeping measures

The safety of our visitors, operators, and centre team is always our primary focus so we have made some changes to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible. Some changes you may notice include:

  • A change to entrances and exits to implement a one-way system to support social distancing
  • A reduced number of people able to enter at one time so we can manage the volume and support social distancing
  • Hand sanitising stations at all entrances and at key points in the centre
  • New signage including floor markers to remind people of the need of social distancing and a request that you leave a space between cars when parking where possible.
  • An increase in cleaning staff on site
  • All our colleagues have been provided with full COVID-19 relevant training, to ensure that they can continue to carry out their roles safely, and are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) when required

Find out more about the Government’s latest advice here:

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