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Eating Vegan at Gyle Shopping Centre

As the number of people adopting a plant-based diet continues to rise, more and more restaurants and cafes are expanding their menus to include vegan food and drink options. Thanks to the variety of vegan meals now on offer, it’s no longer a struggle to find plant-based food when out shopping. Many of the eateries at Gyle Shopping Centre provide some fantastic vegan options, making it the perfect place to find your new favourite dish.

Whether you are a committed vegan or interested in eating a more plant-based diet, the following guide will help you choose where to eat or drink on your next trip to Gyle Shopping Centre.


With a vast range of plant-based toppings, sauces and dips available, Pizza Hut is a great place to create your dream vegan pizza. Just ask for their vegan cheese alternative on a base made of gluten free dough, flatbread dough, all American thin dough, or pan dough. While their number of vegan dishes is likely to keep on growing, there is already something in every menu category that is suitable.

Frankie & Benny’s is a great option for those who want to eat plant-based food as their menu features many clearly labelled vegan dishes. Alongside several vegan sides, there are starters including Dough Balls and Garlic Pizza Bread. Vegan pizzas can be made with a vegan cheese alternative and finished with vegetable toppings of your choice. If you’re looking for a healthier than usual main course, opt for the Mediterranean Salad – couscous, bulgar wheat, black lentils, butternut squash, green beans, broccoli and spring onion with a vinaigrette dressing.  A vegan burger and a range of dairy-free hot drinks are also available. The company recommends that you advise your server of any dietary requirements before ordering.

A recent addiction to the Subway menu is the vegan sub – a vegan patty made from red pepper, spicy chilli, garlic and red onion. Also new is the Vegan Garlic Aiolo, a creamy garlic sauce. Other vegan-friendly options include their salads, Italian and Hearty Italian breads, Hash Browns, and the BBQ, Sweet Chilli and Hot Chilli sauces.

Marks & Spencer have recently launched a fully vegan Plant Kitchen range that includes lots of takeaway options as well as meals ready to cook at home.

If you’re quick enough, you might be able to grab one of the vegan sandwich options available from Boots before they sell out.

When it comes to tea and coffee, most cafes provide vegan milk options such as soya, coconut, almond or oat. At Gyle Shopping Centre, many of the hot and iced drinks from Starbucks can be made suitable for vegans. When ordering, it’s best to let staff know that you are vegan so that they can leave out certain ingredients. You can also find a range of snack and lunch options.

The teas and coffees available at Costa are also vegan-friendly when made with soya or coconut milk. It is possible that a plant-based wrap or sweet treat might also be in stock.


When ordering food and drink at any of the restaurants, cafes and shops at Gyle Shopping Centre, we recommend that you specify to staff that you are vegan as doing so will help to avoid any confusion. It’s also best to talk to staff if you suffer from any allergies as a number of these eateries make their food on site.

We expect that the businesses listed here will continue to put time and energy into developing vegan recipes, so it’s likely that menus will alter as new options are added. If you want to find the most up to date information, it’s a good idea to check the official website of the restaurant or cafe you are interested in eating at.


By Freya Partidge

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Eating Vegan at Gyle Shopping Centre

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