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Create a relaxing atmosphere for a restful sleep with Yankee Candle.


Say hello (or goodnight) to their new sleep diffuser kits which are designed to aid restless nights. They have two starter kits available right now. The silver design comes with Calm Night and the Bronze comes with Peaceful Dreams. They are £39.99 each and the oil refills are £7.99 each.

How do they work?

Unlike most aroma diffusers, this one doesn’t need water which means there’s less mess. Simply insert the refill (there’s one included in your kit), into the top and click into place. There are three different intensity settings and also three timer settings which automatically turn off once the cycle has finished.

Intensity/ Timer Settings

Here is our handy guide for picking the right setting for you.

Power Intensity Mists

1st Press l (low) 15 minute pause between mists

2nd Press ll (medium) 10 minute pause between mists

3rd Press lll (high) 5 minute pause between mists

Timer Button Time Duration

1st Press 2 hours

2nd Press 4 hours

3rd Press 8 hours

For example, if you wanted the highest intensity of fragrance go for 3rd press of power (lll high) for 3rd press (8 hours) of time.


There are currently three specially formulated fragrances to choose from, all known for their calming and relaxing tendencies. They provide 30 nights of fragrance based on 8 hours of use on the lowest intensity setting. See below for our run down on each one.

Calm Night – The most familiar of the fragrances. Lavender heavy.

top/ bergamot, petitgrain, eucalyptus, lavender

mid/ freesia, jasmine, coconut, sage

base/ cedarwood, vanilla, musk.

Peaceful Dreams– Think dreamy exotic fruits.

top/ coconut, orange, apple

mid/ jasmine, lily of the valley, rose

base/ musk, cedarwood, sweet, cream

Starry Slumber– Calm & Quiet place in oil form.

top/ bergamot, cardamom, heliotrope (a purple flower with a powdery almond scent)

mid/ jasmine, neroli, ylang, tuberose

base/ tonka bean, sandwalwood, benzoin (a type of oil that smells similar to vanilla)

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