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Banish those January Blues…

A lady looking at a piggy bank with a note and some coins on the table.

Banish those January blues…

While Blue Monday hasn’t been scientifically proven, it can be difficult not to feel anything but blue on this day due to the widespread association with it.

Plus, the factors that have been used in Cliff’s Blue Monday calculation are real-life factors – the weather is different in January compared to June, people do break their New Year’s Resolutions early on, motivation levels can be low and there can be some Christmas debt to have to pay back too.

But you shouldn’t have to feel blue, not if you remember:

It’s a myth – there are no scientific studies to say that Blue Monday is actually Blue Monday.

  • We all have good and bad days – everybody’s situations are different, and it’s therefore impossible for all of us to feel exactly the same way on one particular day.
  • It’s actually a good opportunity to check in on our mental health – rather than automatically think you feel blue on Blue Monday, reflect on your mental wellbeing and continue to do it all-year round.
  • And to talk things through with other people – this is really useful for protecting our mental health, and sometimes, a problem shared can be a problem halved.

Doing these things will also help you beat those blues:

  • Focus on the good things – that are happening in your life, and try not to be dominated by things that may have gone wrong or aren’t going your way.
  • Be grateful for what has happened – this will help you focus on the positive things that are taking place all around you. For example, you can grateful for having a good sleep, completing your work on time, your colleague helping you out or your partner doing the shopping for you.
  • Try to smile and laugh a lot more – we’re not saying you should turn into The Joker, but studies have found that laughter can help relieve depression, stress and anxiety. A simple laugh or smile, at ourselves or other people, can instantly lift our spirits.
  • Use positive affirmations – try to start every day with a positive thought, saying, memory or quote that sets you up for the best possible start. Don’t forget to keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day too.

For more on feeling more positive, have a read of this, ‘How to be happy: 7 tips for feeling that inner glow.’

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